Art by Leeyeux


Poetry & Fiction for Writers that Never Sleep 

Issue I is now live!


Gabi Wackford Munoz

Aoife Chan

Kate French

Tad Darling

Caitlin Erikson

Dr. Rebecca Vedavathy

László Aranyi

Alejandra C. Chavez

Laura Younge

Irina Tall (Novikova)

Graham Sheldon

Sebastian Kim Bateman

Ko Smaoui

Maria Hallewell Pearson

Netanya Schwab-Matalon

Vivien Hagedorn



Nighthawk Literature publishes Issues that celebrate the work of writers in all stages of their careers! We strive to publish the best poetry and fiction and can’t wait to make your writing visible.

We prioritize publishing underrepresented and historically marginalized voices! We’re here to uplift and share your writing; we’re here so that you can take up the space you deserve in the literary world. We urge and welcome Black, Indigenous, Asian, Arab, writers of color, trans writers, queer writers, disabled writers, and all other intersecting or marginalized identities to submit to our magazine!


Note from the editors:

Thank you to everyone who has submitted their work! We apologize for being inactive on Instagram and for taking so long with our decisions: our editors are all university students, and we are currently juggling school work as well as the abundance of submissions we received for Issue II.

Submissions reopened for Issue II:

After careful consideration, we have decided to extend the deadline for submissions for Issue II. Our new deadline is March 10th 2023. Visit our submission page for details on how to submit!

We are searching for cover art!

This is your chance to have your art featured as the cover of a literary magazine! Send us up to 3 visual art pieces (in any style or medium ) for consideration. We are eager to find our next cover art, and excited to see your work! Visit our Submission page for more details on how to submit. 


 Some art by Nighthawk’s editors while we wait for your cover art submissions <3 

“Cats drinking wine”